Courthouse Refund Program!

by John Arntsen
Product Specialist, Courthouse Technologies

How would you like to be using a jury platform that can give you money back for being more efficient? Who wouldn't like to be rewarded for doing well; Being well-organized and proficient at their job? I think it is something we all strive to do and be. Lastly, who doesn't like getting a direct return on their investment that can be counted in dollars and cents?

The Courthouse Refund Program can help you do all of these things!

It's really quite simple... If you subscribe to the Courthouse Technologies' jury platform or use our SummonsDirect service, you are eligible for our Refund Program. This is because both: a subscription to our jury platform and a subscription to SummonsDirect are based on the number of summonses or questionnaires your jury operation mails out in a calendar year. If you mail out less than the number you approximated when you signed up, you get the difference back! You only pay for what you mail and nothing more.

The Courthouse Refund Program was created because we understand 2 very important things about your jury operation:

  • You want to have the highest jury yield you can. You want as high of a percentage of people showing up for service as possible while sending out as little summonses and questionnaires as possible. Less mail. More jurors.
  • With budgets the way they are, you want to be spending less money, not more. However, this causes you worry that you cannot improve your jury operation; get streamlined and efficient without breaking the bank. In most cases, this means you are stuck with what you have. If only you could send out less mail...

Well... We are with you. We understand where you are coming from and think that you shouldn't have to break the bank to improve your jury operation and you should be rewarded for working hard and using technology and automation to become more efficient. Most importantly, you should only pay for what you use. If not, what incentive is there to sending out less?

The best part about the Courthouse Refund Program is that you have options with what you do with your refund. You can carry it over into the next Calendar year, taking your annual fees with CHT down. You can use the refund as credit to purchase more products and services such as adding Courthouse Kiosk or Tablet to your jury operation or a change request that you have always wanted. And of course, we can send you a check and who doesn't like that?

So if you would like to start getting money back for being more efficient. If you would like to be rewarded for getting better (like it should be), call us and see how you can get on your way to your first refund check!

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